What is the relationship triangle? Well it is my idea of the three things that any relationship between a guy and a girl requires to blossom well. A relationship definitely requires more than three things to be close to perfect but I beg to differ. I have been in several relationships so I may qualify to give my opinion here at a clear state of mind.


A relationship should be built based on trust. Trust has to be there for it even to make past the first week. Trust ensures that there are no doubts amongst each other. With trust, then a girl will not be uneasy with his man having other ladies as friends. Trust will allow for a guy to trust his girl around other men cause he expects nothing less from her but loyalty and knows that she will deliver. In this couple up generation, that we have it is quite easy to see people pair up without the slightest of trust between them. If such is to happen then that is frankly a relation based on lust and being attracted. With trust then it is quite difficult to see people hate each other over stories they heard from other people or rumors that have been going around. But if such rumors are disturbing then comes the second point of the triangle.


Communication is the second most important thing between any two people who are intending to be exclusive to each other. Well communication first helps to bring down walls and even end trust issues that may exist. Communication involves sharing stories, beliefs, secrets and truths with your spouse. This helps enhance deeper understanding of each other thus one would know what kind of reaction to expect from a spouse depending with how their communication has been. Communication doesn’t have to be straight forward every single time; every single time you just want to do it simple casual and straight forward. You could try it in forms of games like the infamous question answer which I twisted to question question or use of drinking games. Anyway just be creative enough to make your spouse open up. If you are hoping to have an awesome relation then just know it would be nothing if one of you decides to keep things from each other such as rumors going by and rather doing it solo. Through communication is when you will understand what she likes and what makes him happy.


Love is definitely the last point of the relationship triangle. Love must be there, be it induced kind of love or true love. It really doesn’t matter but love kinda holds it all together. Love is the root for all the other ingredients needed in the relationship. Love allows you to be patient with your partner and tolerating enough to accept them and their weird annoying methods. Love keeps all intoxicating material from infecting the pure bond between you and your partner cause if you love each other then by all means at times love will help to overcome the trust bounderies and communication bounderies. If you tend to love someone then it is by far very rare for someone to change loyalty no matter what.

No matter how I want to see it any relationship deserving of being called a relationship need trust, communication and love.


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