It is 3.16am and I am munching down this novel from my favorite writer Jackie Collins. I am reading this vivid description of this random hot young girl and I’m like “Hell yeah! Jackie u give them to me just the way I want them.” Then that thought can’t get out of my mind. At exactly that moment, I am entirely wondering how I like them. I mean, what is my type?

Anyway, everybody has their type. Most people if asked will talk about this perfect person that we both know do not exist at all but they will just keep repeating the same characteristics yet our types are quite frankly embedded in our minds and we know that they ain’t perfect. They are not the loving, caring, humble piece of craps we say…nah ah…some of them end up being the most vile of the lot. Unfortunately, we are not here to discuss about your type but instead we are here to listen to the kind of girl Baba Mboga fancies.

First, where does my line of beautiful women lie? I am totally into anything that is quite frankly a 6 and can make it through a day and I won’t be disgusted by her face. As for me, face is everything but most importantly sexual tension and attraction must always be there by every turn and time spent. She doesn’t have to be entirely caramel skinned like from brazil nor does she have to have the kind of awesome accent that makes you melt with the uncanny desire to strip them naked to the bone. I am a sucker for Mila Kunis look alikes but naah I am also into chics who I can sit from the other side of a table and say that truly she is a fine piece of art. However, she may not be entirely appealing to most of my male friends but I really don’t care because beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. Thus, face is entirely a yes yes aspect of my ideal girl. If she doesn’t have that face that keeps my heart warm at all times then we cannot have a deal cause anyway I am a man who enjoys admiring the beauty of God’s creation. Whatever amount of junk she has doesn’t really bother me since I am entirely fine by a girl who enjoys her own body.

Now that I have set the basis of my woman, it is only fit that I mould her. Moulding her is not at all too hard. She must be someone I have that thing with. This thing is not sexual attraction but instead I can have a mature conversation that is as completely childish as it is mature. A fluctuating conversation is more like it. A conversation that I can lose myself. She should be a girl I can communicate with without at any one given point indulging in drugs to losen my tongue. She doesn’t have to be clever neither does she have to be averse with the languages well or their use but she has to give me that spark. She has to make chemistry interesting for me by making it more than just a subject.

She has to be crazy but not too crazy cause I do not need a professor bonkers for a girlfriend. She should just have the right amount of crazy and in a way she has to be funny. Not super Charlie Chaplin funny but that funny that is a common factor between her and me. Then she should have these eyes, those eyes that speak volumes about her personality yet are so cute you wish you had to stare at them every single second of your life. Puppy dog eyes that are too damn sexy. Well eyes are my fetish so the eyes by far should be extremely gorgeous. Not your kind of gorgeous but my kind of gorgeous. Like Mila Kunis gorgeous that just have you wanting to make a teddy bear out of them. Those eyes should stop me dead on my heels or should make me trip when I have the most synchronized walk in the world because they are the best eyes to me and are so enchanting.

I don’t want her to be too understanding but she must atleast get me to some level like the slightest bit of understanding. Like be able to relate to my weird self and not because she is as weird but because she truly does understand and even help me understand myself. I know myself but even I scare myself. Then she must have this typical nature to be very tolerant. I know myself, I am not at any point the easiest person to live with but never the less I am not excusing myself from making mistakes but I hope that she has the knack to forgive the petty ones. For example she should be able to tolerate the fact that I argue a lot maybe because my principles tell me to defend what I believe is the truth even when I am alone and only until I am convinced will I concede defeat. Then she should trust me. I do not want some girl that makes me her stone, that will be far too disturbing but she should trust me enough to tell me her problems or I don’t have to argue with her cause she believes her friends more than she does me but she should at least give me a benefit of doubt. Definitely if I see she trusts me, I will in turn be trusting.

She should be engineered to express her elf to the best of her ability cause if she by far wants to address a pressing matter then the only way is communication. She should be willing to give it to me just as it is and the way she believe it is right. I want a girl who is an emotional sponge that absorbs everything that life throws at her and is willing to sip in some more but that trait should be well accompanied by the valor act of a fighting spirit. Why tie myself to a woman who wants to quit anytime life throws lemons her ways as if it is so easy to quit. Quitting should never be an option and if she is a quitter then by all truth she should look to the left. I need someone who by far makes me a better person cause I am a good boy with a lot of bad habits.

This ideal girl of mine should not be a barbaric girl but she should be the embodiment of a goddess who carries herself with such grace. She should be a lady of principles who has class but she is never afraid to lose herself once in a while because she likes it like that. I would rather have a girl who eats to her fill but wears her clothes with maximum precision. She doesn’t have to be the duchess of Edinburgh but she should definitely have enough self respect and just enough pride to satisfy herself as the queen of my soul. She should be willing to mould me into what she wants and settle for less at times that I fail her but all she has to know that I’m willing to give her some good good antique loving. There are so much that this girl should have but all the rest I can live with if she has all the above.

Most important she must be very very comfortable with herself around me and not portraying a different kind of girl that I don’t know ends up loving wrestling and stuff. Nope I want to love her for her. Finally she should be a go-getter, someone who goes for what she wants and basically I want a girl who can chip in financially not because she has to but because she wants to even if it is once in a year.

I have found this kind of girl twice now and it is quite enough for me cause it tells me that my kind of girl is not based on some fairy tale. The first time I screwed up myself and I by far apologise but the second time the world just screwed me over in the most indecent of ways but that’s all last year. Three is always the magic number. I am not looking for her cause they always end up finding me and if I do so get her then trust me I will treat her with uttermost respect that she deserves. She will be the queen to my Ayim kingdom cause love is something you do find then end up building a castle on it. If you are that girl, then I know I am more than happy to know I will have you one day; I don’t know where nor when but when it happens I want it to be me saying one thing and you saying the other then somehow we never want to leave that conversation.

That is my ideal kind of girl; she should prepare herself for some good good antique loving.



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