Truth be told is that this world is completely aware of the matters that sexual interactions impose on us and the kind of different impacts that tend to arise depending on the kind of people and culture. As I would go on to say that in general the world tends to view sex as a devil’s deed that is only allowed in the bible for purposes of pro-creation ‘to fill the world’ that should only be shared between a husband and his better half. I cannot entirely argue with the bible but I tend to believe that the new testament tends to offer room and infringe on that rule giving it a lee-way as by which sex can also be between condescending adults but in this era who wants to wait that long to get a taste of the forbidden fruit.

I am not in any way intending to be blasphemous or preach against the word but the truth is that the world is not what the bible makes it seem. The world is an evil place where freedom is core and root for the survival so most likely becomes an activity that most people above the age of 16 will have engaged in and maybe with time the age will drop tremendously. Sex is not another one of those puny activities that the world takes it to be but sex is actually a mental art that is later brought to life physically. Just like any art, you have to think it before you can finally put it into place so it might be safe to say that possibly by the age of 11/12 anyone would have fornicated. Its only our minds that push as that far.

People though should understand that if sex is an art then we might as well treat it like one and not some barbaric activity that people engage in. Nope, sex is more than just an activity for it involves emotion, be it lust or love or even hate, sex revolves around emotion and so it is an art. When we have sex we express ourselves in more ways than one but then, do we do it right? I may be way below my pay grade but I can for one state confidently that I know a thing or two about it that most people don’t know while others would know but are afraid to talk about it. Maybe in the near future I only envision a generation where sex will be a common topic that is publicly discussed with as much seriousness as men give to football or as women give to fashion. The trend is that once sex was never talked about at all and if so done, it was with utter disgust or much embarrassment but as we have grown and the transition has taken place, it has become a phenomenal topic that is considered among the top ten most common topics among the youth. We might not talk about it as openly as I would wish but we talk about it with friends and in public places but with the secrecy of a hunting eagle.

Therefore, in the processes of expressing ourselves, we tend to have more flaws than expected and that is quite natural. Men are unfortunately led by their own egos, which frequently tends to damage their curriculum vitas than they expect. They tend to rely on myths than rely on facts than research…yes research cause research is how you work your way into a sexual juggernaut. Deter yourselves from myths like long dicks will surely satisfy your woman. Nope, findings and common national poles state that anything as from 4.5 inches to 7 inches is quite frankly more than enough needed which are entirely far from the biggest of them all. So, how to work it in your advantage? We should all put our egos down including women and understand that body language is most important. Do not rely on the noises your partner makes but rather let their body talk to you. She might be able to fake it but her body will never lie to you. If their body is shouting yes then keep doing it but if you doing something and their body is as cold as any rock at the bottom of the dead sea then you are doomed, so change your style.

Too much of anything is poisonous. Do not by any chance believe that if you do something and it works for you then you have finally unlocked the secret kamasutra lessons that were embedded in your mind at birth. Nope if you keep doing the same shit 24-7 then be sure they will get bored. Well it is more like watching the same great movie every single chance you get. That movie was awesome once and only deserves a couple of throwbacks…hope you can relate? Don’t be afraid to research, go open google when you are alone and look for anything and everything that you have ever wanted to know and apply it. Talk with your partner, people tend to think that they will look like fools but I beg to differ. If I tell you that I like scary movies and you start buying me horror movies doesn’t it make me like you the more cause you doing exactly what I want. That way you people can talk about limits; the what not to do or levels you shouldn’t reach. Sex should be more of enjoying each other more than getting yourself lost.

Women on the other hand most of the time think that sex is usually a one band game where the guy has to do everything but that’s not it. Sex is two man(excuse the weirdness) support strategy something something. It shouldn’t be a stressful thing more than your island of solace that only has you and her. It should be the one thing you deem sacred enough and it is your fortress of solitude so by far you all need to work as a team. The guy will never notice maybe because the Nigga will be thinking about his little friend not wasting him but I have been through sex where I came out smiling cause she gave it good and I have rarely had to experience it again. If you give it to your man well trust me, if he cheats on you it will be because you scare him sexually with all that persona oozing out of your special place. I’m just saying, if you get more involved; you think you have him on a short leash now, wait till he sees you up that game then damn you would have sealed it, he be looking the other way whenever other chics offer shit to him.

Fellas you guys should have that finisher moves that just sets you apart or just specialize for example I am a proud cunningulist specialists. I enjoy giving cunningulus possibly because I get to see women at their weakest but doesn’t mean I give head to every single woman I am with. I actually give it to only those my tongue feels compatible with most importantly only to clean well kept women. This reminds me, giving head is not a taboo if it stays between you and your spouse but you should rather offer to do it. It forms part of foreplay and foreplay is as important as the sex if not way more important cause it builds the perfect rapor for the final act unless you guys are aiming for the quicky. More importantly headis like stating that I trust you sexually.

Then comes the phone sex or the sexting. As much as these two relate on how your verbal and prior knowledge of the gift of words maybe it doesn’t have to be confined to whether you have the gift or not. In fact for me sexting and phonesex are a lost art just like handjobs. They should be respected and be as way of passage and not taken for granted as if they are some fucked up shit. Phone sex and sexting should be the perfect building block for any perfect sexual relation. First, make sure you do not talk about game you cannot give that’s like preaching about beating brock lesnar then just peeing your pants when you see them. Talk about what you can actually do and don’t be too quick about it. Like ten minutes to it all and you already done with everything like it was some rodeo joke, take your time. If you don’t know then just find a setting and recreate it in your own eyes and like the actual sex it should be something of teamwork but sometimes do shock your partner by writing it in your own eyes by being very vivid to the point they want to drive all the way to you. If it is a phone call then do not make queer jokes or say things that will scare but rather you want to wear on that luther vandross voice while girls want to be the mila kunis cute sexy naughty girl. Be free to put her on the table and eat her like she is the birthday cake and don’t be scared to block his view of the television with an image of a girl in the sexiest of victoria’s on. Be creative and I mean very creative.

I would like to tell everybody that if you are single then look for that friend with benefits who is truly a friend with benefits cause you guys actually make each other better sexual partners cause you exactly know what to do. You actually share and evaluate each and if you are dating then that friend with benefit is already in your life. I am writing all this just to make sex be more appreciated and turn it into the art that it should be and not a time wasting event that you pertake with your husband or wife after work. In fact send the kids away and rock each other’s world. There is no point in life that sex should be boring and if it is to be then make sure it was at one point too exciting. I am not at the top of the food chain but I know I try and its all about the effort you put in it. Mboga has been served.


P.S. Teasing is and will always remain the most sexiest of things and best of turn-ons no matter what you do.



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