New year, new me…hahaha…too cliché. More like new year, new chapter of my life. Again life being the over-zealous teacher that it is, it has given me and plenty of other people another opportunity to learn new lessons. For me, I rarely doubt that I have anything new to learn for the next few years, my last lesson being the bitter truth that not everybody will always have your interests at heart. These lessons have really been embedded in my mind by the sharpest of knives and so I declare that anybody who finds loyalty then that person is the richest person in the world.

New year usually brings forth new year resolutions. Well, for me I intend to use a new policy towards life. A ‘hakuna matata’ policy; a problem-free philosophy. Stolen from the popular animation of Timon and Pumba, I intend for it to be my way of life among other philosophies. First of all my theme-songs of the year are poetic justice and wayward son. Those songs just add the fling that life is all about pushing to the limit and being prepared for anything and everything as you push on.

This philosophy shall not be an automatic body or mind response to the elements but rather a couple of secondary strategies that shall be put into place to supplement it. I have made the unanimous decision to quit being a lover of the bottle and if not possible then my drinking will be subdued to a bare minimum that does not inflict pain to me or my surroundings. This will solve many of my problems especially monetary. Due to the unparalleled ‘story of my life’ setting that has been with me for as long as I can remember, the last year was truly full of poor judgment from me as I indulged in ingesting liquor in amounts that would knock down an elephant.

After employing the no drink rule on my body that will automatically render it a sexual holy juggernaut temple, I will take it upon myself to find a sweet short crazy girl. If karma allows it, a female William would be the best solution. Maybe to quench my thirst of wanting to be understood but it will also because I am tired of having walls that sooner or later will have to come down. I want to settle down and have my life tied down to someone special who shares herself fully no questions asked. Someone who looks to me with pride and be there to listen to me when I just cant take it anymore. I want to be sentimental and enjoy most of what emotions have to offer because there is no better emotion than humanity. I may not be emotionally available for her because of how my last trip in the hall of women has left me but I can sincerely promise to be there whether she needs me or not and by far love her ass to sleep. I will try until I can’t try no more cause for me I look for the perfect institution.

My way of life that doesn’t allow me to trust anybody has turned me into an icebox maybe because I have been scathed more than I can remember. My last scathing coming from a fellow brother and his last sexual endeavor, they know what they did. I will not trust anybody but I will change my friends. I will give priority to friends who are actually there rather than friends who need me to have fun and waste my life on silly expenditures. I want to sit down and play games as I devote my life to education cause it’s the only thing I need right now. Education might be a hall of pain but at the end of the road is money and I want to soak myself in money till I can’t breathe. Education is my ticket out of misery for as far as I am concerned money does guarantee a ‘hakuna matata’ future.

Since I have decided to treat my body as a temple, I will indeed find time to eat the right kind of food and if I cannot then be sure that I will engage in physical torture. I will stay fit because a fit body encourages for the existence of a sharp mind. I will scrutinize everything that I put inside this massive bag of muscles cause if you treat your body right then your body will never give up on you. Besides my body has been through a lot of physical pain and complications. To be honest incase of environmental problems such as abrupt robberies that force you to be a hero or a coward then your body will be in superb condition to maintain the scene. Plus, I vow to dance any chance I get.

I have also vowed to be a better son. I have been at the receiving end of wailing teenagers who feel that they are being tortured or their parents are being unfair but at times we teens are just being unbearable. I can for a fact tell anybody that my family isn’t the embodiment of awesome but if I look back to all the spectacular moments I have heard with them then I would rather have a dysfunctional family. I am not an easy person to live with maybe because I have principles that at times push me to make decisions that favor myself but I would rather help out my mother to the best of my ability for I am her eldest son. She needs my help to maintain the amount of stress that she gets and so whenever she needs me I will be there cause anyway she has helped me more times than I can count. I will stop being too hard on my father cause anyway he is the sole provider of our family and so our survival depends on his survival but I do pray that God touches his stone heart. I will be the son who holds his family on his shoulders cause that is how life is supposed to be lived.

Finally, I have decided to follow to the letter my own principles, secrets of life and resolutions because that is how I can survive this ‘hakuna matata’ era. I will do everything that my body claims as the right thing and make sure that whatever I do doesn’t infringe any part of being Ayim William cause I am the man. I will be there for people who need me and I help to the best of my ability; I may not trust people but it doesn’t meant that nobody should trust. I will accept new friends in my life and anybody who will want to walk away from my life will be welcomed to do so.

2015 I hope you prove to be one hell of a ride but be sure no matter what you throw my way this year I will keep it cool all year round cause it is a ‘hakuna matata’ year.

Happy new year my dear readers, stay tuned at your favorite kenyan’s blog.


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