We all knew it would come down to this. The day we all say goodbye to the year that was 2014. This year I can’t really acclaim as my own because other than having awesome results in national examinations there was nothing much going on for me. The year has quite been one roller coaster of emotions from one drama filled scenario to the next and I feel like I have nothing going on for me as I go to 2015.

The year started on quite a whole epic thing I had with this amazing girl. I liked every bit of it but as far as she was concerned, I didn’t really pay much attention to the fact that she wanted something way real and all I gave her was awesome make out sessions and most of my time but I didn’t get the big picture. Well soon after I pummeled into deep crazy stuff as my family became way more dysfunctional than I expected.

Got to make new friends who made life seem right then as I slowly drifted away from friends who really mattered the most . Yeah I had fun. I did things I didn’t think I would and as time went buy I also gained weight but actually it was my body that changed casue I stopped maintaining its shape.

Later then I met someone. She rocked my world. You all saw in my other posts. To cut the long story short she believes I did something and I am damn too sure that I didn’t but its my word against hers and only her can really make it right. Then again when I thought it couldn’t get any worse I totally couldn’t believe that people I trust could entirely stab me in the back in the worst possible way…that was just a crime of passion that ended up in me and that special someone being scorched.

On the bright side, as the year has come to a hault I for one made the anonymous decision to apologise to everybody I stepped on as I made away to December and it wasn’t something that I wanted. I am not the guy to lose friends based on stupid stuff I swear I am a more awesome guy filled with love but that’s what I tell myself. Then again with the help of a little birdie and a couple of mutual friends I get to find out the whole side of the story and now I view it all from one side of the melon.

The year was full of a lot of political drama in Kenya and the world was also a buzz with a couple of charades and charades’ but that’s just how the world is design to be. As time goes by and so does it gets even more disgusting to live in it. I also managed to learn a couple of lessons some quite in the hardest way and some just bloody easy or on pure instinct. I also joined campus so hell yeah on that. It was kinda awesome in fact it has been the one place of loudest possible silence I have heard.

How could I forget me founding my fortress of solitude? It isn’t much of a fortress, it is more of dry land that stretches and is found on top of a hill and gives me an awesome view of everything within an eagles point of view. I have had to enjoy many of my own personal moments there.

So the year has been kinda rough, I have lost some people and gained others anyway friends do come and go. Then I did find love only for it to snip from the bud. I have learnt a couple new things and some quite provocative cunningulus methods to make any girls bedroom matters solved. The year has had so many lows than highs but its from these lows I learn the most bitter of lessons. I have learnt to be in peace with my inner self. To be honest I have so many resolutions for next year and I really want to lead a stress free but it is also sad that to the next bunch of lovers who may come around they should know that I am emotionally unavailable for them. Not because I want to but I am just wired in ways nobody can possibly understand. Goodbye 2014, thanks for the memories, lessons and opportunities.


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