Where do I start with this one? I sincerely don’t know, but I can tell you for one that this one was totally different and unpredictable. Have you ever met someone who you hated first before you liked. Not hate as much but dislike each other until its unbearable to sit together. Anyway, to cut the long story short twinkle nose is this amazing girl who I have been friends with for more than three years now and I can tell you it has been one hell of a roller coaster ride of emotions and more emotions. However, I am not here to write a eulogy of a beautiful relationship that might have gone sour nor I’m I here to right the chronological events of how this friendship is.

Technically I am here just to disapprove her cause she thinks she ain’t an awesome person and like I said I am a blogger. First of all she needs to know that our pact stands and that I will always be there as long as she needs me but first let me say she has a big heart. She is too caring and enjoys doing the most girly things. She is too caring sometimes I think that she might just adopt a hurt anaconda if there was no place to take it but it is also quite possible that she would kill anyone who messes her up but she doesn’t have to I would already have done that a long time ago.

She is a joker. She is never too serious though tries so hard to be. She has some of the funniest jokes ever and sometimes she doesn’t have to say things so that can she be funny. She engages in activities that would embarrass her but she laughs it off and in turn she makes other people around her too happy too quick. She is a bundle of joy and I can say for a fact I can’t think of a day I was with her that we didn’t end up laughing like some haunted people.

She never quits. I can swear she won’t give up no matter how much shit is dumped on her. I can’t really say how she does it but as soon as her failure is done she gets back up and gives it one more shot. She entirely doesn’t have it all planned out but if you could possibly show her the way she will do it just the way it is supposed to be.

She is crazy and completely weird. She is like a mixture of Dexter and DeeDee together in one body. She has some of the weirdest activities ever but she ends up making them the cutest. Her being crazy makes her a worthwhile team player like I said she won’t be afraid of what to do or how to do it she will walk out and just do it. That craziness at times ends up rubbing on people around her.

She has the best personality. An out-forward personality that makes her glow a mile away. She doesn’t choose who to be friends with and gives you more than enough chances to be there for her. She enjoys what she enjoys and will give it to you straight if she thinks you need to hear it. She enjoys the most girliest of things not because they are girly but cause she likes it like that. She sometimes gets hurt but instead of talking about it, she would rather sleep on it thinking she will somehow heal but naah twinkle nose that’s not the way.

I could seriously go on and on about everything and everything about her and to be honest she is just too awesome for life. She has an awesome family, enjoys eating cause she has this gigantic appetite, she has the best kind of shape, she is scared of small things like growing a tummy. She has changed much over this time but I can sincerely tell you she always flushes when you touch the tip of her nose. If it were not today then I swear I would have entirely written more than a page but this is what you need to read for now twinkle nose. You are awesome and it has been very much fulfilling to be here this long and so if I have managed to be here this long don’t you think I will be there when you have grandkids.

Oh I almost forgot she has the cutest puppy dog eyes.


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