It’s the most beautiful time of the year, everybody filled with so much cheer. Christmas; the birthday of our Lord and savior. What really is Christmas? Yes, it is a time where people are with family and they totally participate in filling their stomachs with mouth-watering foods that anybody would die for. That time of the year when family comes first and everybody wants to back to the rural areas (I don’t know why though.) to enjoy the festivities with fellow family members. Having friends around you both physically and theoretically all spreading the good cheer; all saying merry Christmas to each. Seems perfect, right?

However, to be honest people misunderstand what the Christmas spirit is all about. Christmas is more about the spirit of sharing rather than eating and filling you mouth with everything edible all at once. Sharing in the sense that you go out and give back to the society but in better terms give to the less advantaged something to keep them smiling right. Like giving a children home some clothes that don’t fit you is exactly what it is. You don’t have to be rich to have an impact, all you need is to share the spirit that is Christmas even if it entails wearing a red suit, putting on a massive white beard and saying ho ho ho or going to help out at a community building. Christmas is all about giving from the heart cause even bringing together a bunch of lost souls like two lovebirds or just fixing the broken wing of a small bird. Yeah it all comes down to the smallest of activities; the tiny itty bitty things that counts.

It is also about sharing with family and friends and just having a good time. Just sitting down and laughing to your death because you are all happy and everything that is bad is lost somewhere in the air. It is the time you actually look for the people you drifted from; as for me, I see it as a time to get in touch with twinkle nose (long story). Reminding friends why you are friends in the first place, making new awesome memories like having bonfire or just seating it out and watching movies or laughing on things that you used to do. Christmas again involves giving thanks to the almighty Father for all the beautiful times he has given you throughout the year; we pray for everybody and anybody to have a jolly good season no matter the circumstance, we pray that all loved ones are safe and wherever they find their way back to us, we pray that every baggage and burden that laden our hearts is substituted with some Christmas cheer and finally we pray that we end the year in one piece.

For me this year I stay at home alone with my cousin as we prepare to indulge in fine liquor and my famous ‘kuku le juu’ not that I couldn’t be with family but I am not into going all the way to up-country cause there isn’t much for me out there. I woke up to not such a wonderful morning but I did get to talk to someone worth the time today and share laughs with all my friends. Took late breakfast then did some typing but this does not feel right much because I miss that special someone. I don’t have family with me cause they all feel it is important to go to their home but for me this is home but there is nothing I can do about it. Then again, Santa failed me in my one request and though I gave my all and made #team_william operation, it didn’t go so well. So if you ask me, it is Christmas cause nature wants it to be but as for me I am too empty inside, completely dead but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t wish you all a Merry Christmas especially to the following my sec, kazija, Aseka, Shelmith, my homie, Becky, Leon, Paddy, Bree, Tabby, ef siz, Abbu, Ivan, Shini, Vicky, Smiley…the list is completely wrong but there is no way in hell I would forget my favorite luhya.

Before I sign off though I would like to give you my entire ideal Christmas picture. I see on Christmas it snows in Kenya cause it’s the only day worth snow, then I wake up early in the morning and go for morning mass. Come back home and then go give the unfortunate something to keep them warm in their hearts. Later I would come back home and do some Christmas carols handpicked by me personally cause I like it like that as mum goes on to prepare one hell of a buffet. Then family seats down together and we do stories as we have a run on Home Alone movies from the first to the last cause Christmas is exactly the best time to have a nice laugh to get all that bad mojo from the system. Later at night I would take that special someone to a good old sweet date to remind her why she chose me then together we connect with the inner child but just before we get back home it will be her lips on my lips and then and only then it will be a merry merry xmas.

Enjoy the festivities my dear friends.

Baba_Mboga out.



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