Smiling…that’s all I do when I think about it; the first thing in my mind when I wake up and the last when I go to sleep. I think about the five to ten things always at one time and it or rather you are always among the five to ten things. When I think about one thing then I will be damned if it isn’t you.

What is a drug? A drug is a substance that alters the normal body function in ways that are scientifically explainable.

Yes, you alter my normal body functions in more ways than one. For example I believe myself to be a king of the elegant English language; I text like a boss, speak like a British aristocrat but once I have you in the slightest infringement of my environment I get all tongue tied and my mind goes all blank filled only with the best of thoughts. You make my blood boil, my temperature rises, and you make me all sweaty, turn me inside out and make me all clumsy. If I look at all the awesome moments you have left me with after leaving me high of your essence, I would fight, bite and claw for another joint, puff or hit. I would probably sell my soul because that’s what an addict does.

Specialists say I need to be locked in rehabilitation centre cause since the world took you away the withdrawal symptoms have taken a toll on me. Maybe they are right but I strongly doubt. In this life so much has been given to me that I do not deserve but I have given unto this world everything I can to the point I believe I deserve you. The sweetest drug; cause for that short time you were in my system I have been a better man other than the uncontrollable cravings. Poetic justice is that you are my necessary evil. For you I would betray, hurt and kill.

The thought of someone else using you to get high and the mere pondering that you would like making them high more than you do me is just taking a knife and sliding it into my chest but just missing my heart cause you don’t mean to hurt me. The thought alone makes me twist and writhe in pain and just enough of it makes me quiver in fear but I would make it known that those other people are just using…they just using you (small condescending voice).

I can’t take this withdrawal much and so I have hired a team of experts who will help me to obtain the last piece of you that exists. Piece by piece I am going to fix my sweetest drug so that I can have my fix. It’s the only sensible thing I can do cause without you I am not fit to go on cause its really lonely without something that for one perfect moment like synchronized swimmers leaves me happier than a certain luhya I know; happier than a convicted murder going innocent. If needing you this much is a sin then every single day of the rest of my life I will be sinning. But if it all goes wrong then my team and I will go to the factories and I will make another you…okay maybe not you you but something that’s even 10% similar to your awesomeness cause its better than nothing.

I send a word to all drug dealers and peddlers and kingpins…please and please I am willing to sell all that I have for a lifetime supply of that drug. Yes I know I haven’t given a name but that’s just it I don’t know what it is but I bet if you bring it I will know. Best of luck to the one who finds it and if you do find it don’t keep it for yourself cause its only mine and mine alone and you wouldn’t want me on your enemy list…would you?


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