It’s the times when you sneer at me and I grin right back at you…..those moments when you want to strangle me to death and you end up laughing like the happiest person in the world….its times like this that I cherish, times like these that I feel m the one who is blessed to have met you. When you throw a stone at me jokingly and I know that you would never really hit me with it….and when you chase me all over the place but you only manage to catch me because am laughing too hard to run. I am always happy when you are happy and I could never bear the thought of smiling if you are in tears, but sometimes am sad when you are happy….and devastated when you smile, because sometimes I think of those times when I feel lucky and beyond blessed to have you, then it hits me in the worst way that I don’t have you. No matter the good times we have and the times my happiness bursts forth, am just the scone you have with your tea, or the salad on your plate of fries. I hope m not being selfish, so instead I decide not to think about your position in your life but concentrate on the joy you give me and the change you have brought to me. When time comes, we will part ways but as for now …I’ll put that smile on your face and release as much joy as I can from your heart. Making you happy makes me happy….so until the end of the road…SMILE

• Your sweetest stranger


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