Like a force of nature, having a good time is a culture that has embedded itself onto the very fabric of human’s being. Time being well established as the only true measure of anything in our universe. I would gladly say that with time, having a good time has clearly morphed into ways no one B.C would have accepted or thought of to ever have existed. With the grasp, that technology has on the necks of most people so comes the uncontrollable urge of wanting to amuse oneself from time to time. Some people would find the throbbing beats of a club as a profound way whereas some would simply just settle for the sovereignty a book provides. To further subdivide such, some would opt for amusement where they unleash their demons while others would not, in any way, find the allure of darkness pleasing at all(Trust me no one should underestimate the allure of the darkness).
And as cultures would have it different countries uphold different ‘turn up’ methods and the methods are too many to the point that cities, town and even communities have different ways of blowing steam and passing time. Being in Kenya as a citizen by birth God has graciously provided with nearly two decades of life on this God has graciously provided with nearly two decades of life on this planet; I have seen things that would quite shock most people. To say that in the realm of having a good time especially on the custom weekend we have taken after our colonizers would be both true and false. True in the sense that our fore fathers were into discos and outfits that only leave me at the mercies of laughter and false to the fact that generations have evolved support(yet not quite fully) Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.
If I was a tourist of some sort with my travelling plans targeting Kenya as a destination I would probably be thinking that this sin city babamboga speaks of must be the capital, Nairobi.
Wipe that smirk of your face. The sin city I speak of is JUJA.
Such an ironical oxymoron when I call Juja town ‘The Sincity’. I would gladly and if I may, argue out my case just like any man in front of a court of law. Juja town happens to be the cradle of a top tier university in Kenya. JKUAT (Google please) is the name and it is the humble university chosen by the gods to which hosts the unique presence of yours truly.
Friday locally referred to Furahi day approaches and so does the mood of the students change. Gripped by a strange desire to indulge into turn ups takes over students as early as Monday and students amplify their mood which passes over as a homecoming party for what is the weekend. And as the clock ticks away and daylight loses the battle of supremacy by being swallowed wholly by darkness and so are the inhabitants of sin city taken completely by the sinister feeling to intoxicate themselves and per take in a turn up. The feeling leaves no stone unturned; everybody falls victim in their own selfish way capable of filling a room with liquor then dive in it. Though there are inhuman people who can take alcohol in amounts that would knock out an elephant but do I say. With every gulp of the alcohol or puff of that good kush you are tempted to fall in the pit of earthly pleasures. As the gin, the kush, the rum, the vodka, the spirit, the whisky or the cocktail takes over and bodies manifest themselves into autopilot in addition to the perfect tunes and rhymes in different places of assembly so are women backs follow truly the rules of gravity and bend over. In those positions they let their bodies be one with lyrics, beats and rhythm and like an all you can eat buffet they make sure that no straight man doesn’t feel the blood throbbing and thrusting in both their heads.
As long as the participants are left in a world where they let go of transgressions, problems, tribulations and stress then no intoxicated human being would want to feel as a waste of space and thus they per take in events laid out in a way fasting. They care less of whomever they party with for majority will not fully remember the activities that alcohol made them succumb to. They go on and go on until their bodies give out or daylight rises to restore the balance.
To judge this place would not be the wisest thing but to understand these minds would be the best option. We remain an awesome campus because we accept the stress that education burdens on our shoulders, as we dare not forget that work without play makes Jack a dull boy. This to people might be a hell where no one comes back or a modern Sodom and Gomorrah but to others it is a place they cleanse their souls, recharge their batteries while others escape from the shadows that guilt from parents have casted; a true reflection to what are one man’s meat yet another’s poison.
In order for I to christen it sin city is how no matter the day no matter the occasion it is always a good day to lose yourself to the demon within no matter how small the deed is but at least one has per took to a turn up.
That’s all folks.


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