Yes it’s the times when you sneer at me and I grin right back at you..like action reaction, like puzzle pieces you can’t deny we fit right in and make one hell of a team…it’s the moments when we are mad at each other but we still find silly excuses to hold on…it’s when we wake up smiling and sleep smiling…those perfect tiny moments that we are so different yet so similar…when our lives are like hell but we are the constants keeping it okay. It’s when I remember of Friday lunch watching you sleep that it hits me in the worst way that you are not here…I am a mad man to think that I am just another worthless piece of art in your gallery same way you are just mad to think you are an insignificant number in my equation…love songs don’t help much, don’t they? They actually hurt more than it is supposed to… No matter the good times we have and the times my happiness bursts forth, I’m just the salt you need for your chicken or the sauce on your plate of fries…You are a free bird and I am a free soul together dysfunktiona but we make dysfunktional damn too sexy…I hope I am being selfish as I ask you to stay or I tell you to hear stay by Rihanna & Mike Ekko cause me without you makes no sense so I don’t want to share and I need nobody else…I know I am lucky to have you around and more than blessed to have lived, laughed and loved to the point I can’t bear having fun if u ain’t having fun with me and I can’t bear laughing if it feels so wrong you are not laughing with me…I’ll put that smile on your face and release as much joy as I can from your heart. Making you happy makes me happy…so until the end of the road…SMILE.
Exclusively yours,
Till the end of times,
Your illicit lover.

P.S: We fell in love in a hopeless place but I still make you hot like an oven.


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