Yes, you did not read that wrong. I am the riddle you can’t solve the matrix inside the matrix, the living example of a paradox, the melting ice-cream in your mouth and the bullet in the gun. I am the epitome of evolution, the cross breed between intelligence and stupidity, the walking rendition of a castle of glass and the master of the pen. I am the exquisite lover and the impatient hater, the hacker that has life at his knees; I am too simple yet very complicated; the splitting image of HELL YEAH! In addition, the sweet twin to SO WHAT! I am the stone that the builder refused, the cryptic son of Sagittarius, I am the beta version of human, I am the artist and life the canvas better yet I am the movie and life the actor. All that I have tried to say is that I am the riddle that cannot be solved, the man with a poetic bloodline, the intermarriage between HOT and COLD and finally the supernova that is ice cold. Yes, I am just trying to tell you that you can’t understand a man who doesn’t understand himself so again you can’t understand the man that is babamboga.

I am not here to deter anybody from trying to understand me in fact I would love to see you try and fail like all the rest. I can argue my case out and the fact that to this point so far you are already agreeing with me means I have already won this argument but still I love to write. I so love to write my mind out besides you also love reading what I write because this would mean it is about the 33rd thing you are reading from my blog right?

Where to start from… my theories, my principles, my beliefs maybe my plans…I am so spoilt for choice that I shall give you a huge chunk of everything I have to offer. Only that would be my poetic justice or is it yours.

I believe that there is a God or more precisely I believe that every soul has to be tethered to a superior supernatural being that made us and definitely for every protagonist there is an antagonist so the devil does exist or another supernatural being who plans every souls doom but apparently I don’t believe in anything that religion has to offer. I so believe that there is peer pressure but I do not think that one can blame it because as much as people will throw opinions your way it is still you who has to make the choice and nobody can make it for you. I enjoy watching blasphemous things possibly because it is pure creativity at work but it does not mean that I don’t believe in them or I am okay with them.

I am a man who believes in deciding his own fate but at the same time, I believe that fate can’t always be twisted to your own way. Making decisions especially life changing decisions, there is no way I expect to be helped I only hope for opinions and advice from different people in all spectrums of all life but still the ultimate decision is mine and mine alone. My mind isn’t like some big court room where I have to wait for a jury to agree and decide my fate.

I believe that good must have a necessary and unavoidable evil that we all need. If there isn’t unavoidable, why does good exist? I also agree that time is the only true measure of everything that exists in this world thus making currency and distance etc null but not void. I am a man who believes that my course in life has no regrets at all and for that reason, I have never regretted any decision I have ever made in life for to reach where I am today all this decisions must be made in exact perfection. I believe in beautiful perfection and perfect beauty but also I think that love is a sham and also as much real (lets be serious how would hate be a real thing and yet love isn’t real) only thing is I believe there is induced love and real love and not everybody gets to be sunbathed in a basin full of love.

I believe that men act as tough cookies because 90% of them are just masculine women who feel as much as women do and love doing some of the shit they condemn with their own mouths. I believe in a perfect symmetry that isn’t supposed to be entirely perfect yet again must be perfect to be perfect. I enjoy the caress of sunlight and long for the moonlight. I believe that there is no love without an angry woman and cunning man cause we are wired that way but because too much love tends to turn into hate or more importantly boredom is all I see for a drama free relationship.

Yes, there is perfect order in doing everything but it has not been written that order should always be followed. I believe that there is a heaven and hell but I also think if I die either my soul gets a new body or I am reincarnated in something new and all my memory is wiped off. I love music to the point that I listen to anything that has a beat and my body feels in cahoots with the rhythm thus in short I enjoy hip-hop as much as I enjoy ‘lingala’ and ‘zilizopendwa’. I believe that there is always something worth living for and dying for too and whatever you live for you must be ready to present your head in front of a barrel to take a bullet for it. I love kids because they open a leeway for people to reinvent themselves with the innocence of products of their loins. I believe in a world where politics is blaaaaah but also much needed.

I always have a reason to smile, I enjoy listening to Kansas and Michael Jackson same time I allow for Chris brown and lil Wayne to gyrate in my ears, I criticize everything for everything was made to be criticized and also be applauded no one thing has one path. Then for me there are always two sides of the coin and sometimes a circle isn’t fully spherical and at times there is no one answer to anything. But finally there will never be anything as an uno side of the story or just one solution; similarly to get to Rome there isn’t just one way. Everything has many ways to be obtained as from simple mathematical equations or principalities of life. Thus life cannot be one spectrum to be lived on with one principle or strategy that is just simply stupid and stupider.


So basically that’s like 2% of what goes in my mind everyday and it is so scary that a mind can think of all these so you wonder what else I think about and yet everyday there is always a new thing or a new plan but finally I just like being me cause I live for what is reality and look at everything as a 3d image that can be turned and turned. I believe that this is my life and it is my own crystal ball so whatever I see Is up to me and me alone and whatever I do is simply mine and mine alone, so if you think for one minute that I am part of this monotonous thing called life then please from now on call me a free soul most importantly THE free-thinker.



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