Sunday is usually a great boring day but then to burden the very same day with two punctured hearts is saddening. In fact too saddening that most grown ass men would cry but not baba mboga cause as soon as that spec of liquid escaped I swiftly pulled it back in from where it is locked in the eye only to escape in times of great peril. (I am not trying to be funny but rather hoping you will feel baba mboga’s torment on a more relatable level.)

We must all understand that being a blogger is like being a superhero or maybe a TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle) spreading the gospel using an art that remains as the only true existing significant proof of any existing gods of the pen i.e. the likes of William Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe all superheroes of their time and I walk now among yee mortals condemned to the same fate of making sure that you are all safe.

With great power comes great responsibility – usually this statement means to save all mankind putting their interest in front of yours (such a statement would put superman in a position where he believes that saving a cow is more important than his life but hell no…NEVER ME!). I will have to selfishly misuse my superpower for my own personal gain.

Oh what, oh what may Baba Mboga be speaking about? I am a man who hopes to salvage the little he can to build upon what is left because my house is on fire. In simple terms Baba Mboga hurt Mama Mboga in ways that mama mboga may not recover fully. With time the wounds shall heal but the scars will be there for me to kiss whenever she feels pain. And this is so insane for Adam would have the right to ask why I would break my own rib. How sweet it would be to be the characters of any love story but I am a super hero and so I choose to save my own life and so I write my own love story.

I do not feel I should bother you with what I did but you would carefully say that I statistically misplaced a few maybe many words when I was intoxicated to worlds beyond. I completely agree that every action has its destination but if I knew mine was leading to hell bare feet I would have reconsidered in a wink.

I’m so confused that if you come to think of it I’m too emotionally damaged to write anything that is of any great importance but for mama mboga I would gladly write hoping for my redemption but for I’m here Monday morning typing away as I hope to salvage the last bit scrap of baba mboga that is still lodged in her mind.

Babe, where do I start? For what I did I only deserve to be flogged, battered, bruised, skinned, boiled, maimed, squandered, smashed, squeezed and last but not least HULKED. Yet again I have hurt you in ways I would not take me back and in such a short time and in ways that I do not understand. As you are in your bed thinking of why you get this yet you don’t deserve it all while I’m miles away in another bed thinking of what I can do so that I could just hold u in my arms and watch you sleep and from that perfect image I would write a poem from. It breaks my heart that I cannot relate to you in our own secretive goofy way though my heart does not resemble your punctured heart I’m asking that if u would afford to come over to BABA MBOGA’S MECHANICS and with the best hands fix the puncture. It is not fair that I have to write about this on the blog but like in the action movies where the star uses everything in their ability to save the damsel in distress then I will need all the help I can get even from supportive reader who feels free to write comments at the end of this post just to show how much they are up for supporting baba mboga.

So all I’m saying is that I am a jerk, yes, biggest douche bag but like I said I am your biggest douche bag. I’m willing to find you with monthly or even weekly amounts so that I purchase a shotgun which you will graciously and I say gladly empty in my thick skull maybe to reduce the layer of fat but rather so that with every shot so does the pain go away. But finally I hope that you will write my name on a piece of paper and smile about it cause you feel that type of way. Text me when you read this my tiny petite hot sexy but very dangerous girl.


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