This topic itself gives me or rather reminds me of how once in every four months (one month is what I actually mean) I or rather we turned a library into our small little haven or maybe it was heaven of peace.

I’m I joking? Even I don’t know whether I am joking or not.

Well I can’t remember when this happened exactly but I would go for somewhere in form 3 when my soul was already lost to the tuning of my brain; my parents called it adolescence, maybe it was just their own petit way of avoiding the understandable.

Back in form 3, when gaming was almost all I lived for occupying at least 50% of the already 2.5% to 5% that is accessible for human use, a little angel I would say in the name of Christine Hallelujah (Trust me the name is as real as the time on your phone right now.) had invited me to study in a library. At first, as any normal teenager would do, I said no as I opted for better constructive things like becoming the FIFA legend as it has been written. And time flew by and as fate would have it, I miraculously found my way into the library. Walked in and the first face I saw was an old ghoul from my past that had come to tear my flesh mercilessly from my bones or so I thought but naaah it was just Lilian or Lyly as I would like to say but this is no love story my dear reader because I didn’t even greet her more like we noticed each other’s presence but chose to ignore it, ignorance maybe teenagerism definitely. In my defense, I assumed that I was in not in the right state of mind to be having conversations.

Sat there for the first hour whining to myself of how I had just done the worst thing in my high school teenage life throwing away such precious FIFA time that could never ever be taken back. Only my soul knows how I was interrogating myself deeply on why I had agreed to be there in the first place but well life works in mysterious ways.

“Carry on my wayward son. There’ll be peace when you are done. Lay your head to rest. Don’t you cry no more.” – Lyrics to Wayward Son by Kansas were gyrating in my eardrums and I put the song in loop just like I do these days keeps me calm. Calm as a leaf in the autumn sun I decided “If I’m here already I should at least get my money’s worth.”

Few weeks later it was like we were at crossroads everybody at the same table; personally I was shocked of how my web of friends had people who knew each other and with time this has made my world smaller than its suppose to be. Though zombified (I already have a notion sent to the university of Cambridge and Oxford to make sure that this word is registered and made a part of the dictionary) at how Tyler and Lyly somehow knew each other but people knew people and there we sat making jokes, going to luncheons and booking discussion rooms where all we did was joke joke joke joke joke discuss joke joke joke joke and oh joke some more. I personally played games like thoroughly worked my FIFA guru mojo up in there. But other than goofy times we actually shared much more than we thought all on those four sided tables we shared thoughts on different and complex issues that lead to arguments usually ending on stalemates; we shared times of fruitful nature as we gave each other ideas on how to do and start doing new things and more so on how to perfect on the skills that we had already collected on our short stay on earth. All this if I say is the purest treasure any family can give you i.e. memories.

I only knew this was a haven when we were all seating on the same table, possibly different positions, for another one month doing the same shit all over again with more intense gusto and zest (I can’t recall) and it was like déjàvu and the best part of it all was knowing that none of us had been forced to be there and that it was all on our own accord.

I only knew we were a family when after high school we were still jamming into each other’s throats and time slices five months later and even had a whatsapp group.

Mind my manners my dear reader, I don’t think it is fair at all that I haven’t introduced any single character from my library family.

So here we go.

CHRISTINE: I like to call her Madre Teresa cause of her unbelievable trait of maintaining her Holy image until this point in time. This in fact is an achievement worth a Nobel Peace Prize. She was more like the instigator of this family of mine; the first stone to the house and if it was truly a family then she is what I would refer to as the wedding vows or possibly true love…..pahahahahhahahahahahahah…sorry I cannot hold my laughter….okay…sorry…where was I…She was distant though not too distant but it was awkward how she would prefer to study far from us but I get her we were a distraction like honestly pure distraction but I blame it on her ever cautious conscience that made her always worried . How did I know this? Because she would give you all the possible negative outcomes of an action made before she makes you feel better but never the less, she is among the few most impressive minds that I have met and intrigued me to this date.

CHRIS: For all its worth this is a chic. Chris is the new shortened style of any chic that has been christened Christine at childbirth and…wait for it…is destined to be someone worth being fought for. Don’t you worry I was also shocked the first time but you will get used to it. So if you ever see Chris on any of my blog posts just know it is this particular being in my complicated life. She is much more similar to the first Christine only with different principles and her limits are not as strict as the first’s. For one she is opened to the world. Another great mind I have met and very much intrigued by how it clicks. She pressures herself too much towards education; like a Lenovo gaming computer pushing its way in the course line of a super computer. Nerdy is what I would call her as she forgets about her social life more often than not but when she is social SHE IS SOCIAL! Weirdly we understand each other though we trend on different paths and argue more often than normal but slowly she has become a necessity I need.

TYLER: I don’t even where he stole this name from but it is actually funny whenever I here girls call him that particularly a certain ex of his. Anyway his was more like the bad boy in the family like the rebellious teenage son with a tint of NWA (Nigga Witty Attitude) with a dash of an ‘I don’t give a crap’ attitude. It is cool but he also became a part of the family so tied up to it. For example the whatsapp group, he is the admin. Though he never says it, I bet he misses us more than the others think. He is always the man of the occasion.

GASPER: Of all of us, he is by far the funniest one always cracking jokes. Simple but effective. Always seem like the person I can count on. Of all of us, he is most downiest to earth, if the rules of grammar would allow me to say. In addition, another brilliant mind. He is sharper than he looks, nothing he says ever comes out seriously and he thinks way above his pay grade but “mwanaume ni mwanaume” chapter closed.

LYLY: My little black widow spider in a veil of pure white roses. First, you must understand that this chic is unbelievable. You cannot and will not stand her at all with her serene but sexy tomboy nature but not typical tomboy more like factory-refined tomboy. Vey intellectually capable with stories that will kill you like drop-dead laughter. Moreover, her unnatural boyish attitude in fact at some points I think God swindled us off a potential boy. If she were a boy, she would be bff material. But a midst all these she is actually really cool and fun to have around in fact I have heard friends saying she is a drug you can’t unhook from………NOT!!!! Practically there was a time she would have given anything to know how my biological clock ticks. Lyly is just a good girl gone bad smirk

SHINI: She was always my favorite. How she made tomboy look so cute, sexy, and cool all at the same time and when she went all full lady/girly on our asses all boys noticed and I mean noticed. Then one term later, all of a sudden Hallelujah and God stole her from darkness more like the deliverance we all seek. She is fun talking to probably the kid of the family. I never even expected us to relate with different personalities though small similarities but as I say, God not only gifted me with words but with the inhuman ability to connect to anything that looks good in a skirt and does not pee while standing.

IRENE: Though her stay was short lived, she was impressive. Imagine she was okay with Lingala like Franco Madilu shit that I listened to and damn you feel like an African reborn with all his roots intact. Yes my African heritage kind of music. She was fun and funny. Though we do not talk much, she has a mind I would love to dig in.

ME: I already have a blog so my life is no big secret as this is a manual on how to understand and decode the man that is BABA MBOGA.


That much wraps up the library family…my family in the library. It does not seem as much but don’t you have the secondary family away from your original family that you would give up almost anything just to have them all in the same house for just one day.



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