Alexis Sanchez if I must say is the best thing that has ever happened to Arsenal and nobody can doubt that; not the president of America not the former prime minister of Kenya not Arsene Wenger himself. And it’s a fact that over my whole existence in this world I have not seen such a privileged club that has been such an underperformer.

Let nostalgia grip your body so that you can fall back in a time when you heard the name Arsenal you thought of a thorough whooping, when you heard of Highgbury what came to mind was a jersey of white and red filled with pride and a strong coach behind them and finally when you heard of The Gunners all that came to mind was a squad of pure perfection that made the game as beautiful as a sunflower on a christmas morning; a squad that contained of the worlds Thiery Henry, Peres, Sol Campbell and David Bergkamp.

Wipe that smirk of your face.

We are back to reality where the amount of times Arsenal show superb brilliance in a whole season equals the number of times I shave my head in a year.

When Arsenal bought Alexis Sanchez I thought that this was another one of those stars brought to become suck ups and wash ups with just a few sparks once in a while but I bet Barcelona are quite pissed at themselves for selling such a promising player but this is football the only beautiful game where nothing is predictable at all.

If Arsenal is not careful they might have an Alexis Sanchez injury both physically and mentally and that might be the doom for Arsenal and they know it. Alexis’ back is surely in danger of breaking due to the strain the man suffers of single handedly carrying the team forward. He has definitely over-shadowed even some of the biggest veterans in Arsenal by simple pure majestic displays every single match he per takes.

First, it is completely safe to say that Alexis Sanchez has successfully adapted and blended into the toughest football league in the world. With hard work and discipline, anyone can make their own luck. This brilliant player or maestro if I may say seriously possesses the perfect pairing of tenacity and technique. He forces defenders into mistakes, then has the requisite composure to punish them, as seen in the match against Sunderland in the Stadium of Light where he capitalized on errors made by Wes Brown and Vito Mannone. It is a combination that has made him an instant hit in English football and a team Talisman yet he is just a forward. Arsene Wenger explained to after the match: “He took advantage of the mistakes they made but he’s also got a super quality—he’s quickly on your feet which is why he wins many balls that normal players don’t. He’s very quick in transition from offence to defence and wins the ball back very quickly. We can take advantage of that.”

Arsenal has truly endured a bad start to the season but without the expertise of Alexis Sanchez then it will be far worse. The player for one has proven to be versatile as during the Sunderland game he was deployed in a new position i.e. no.10 and he is also an efficient assist always making the best of the chances he gets no matter how small they are.In the absence of Mesut Ozil, Arsenal need someone to take up the creative baton. On this evidence, Alexis could fit the bill. Floating behind Welbeck, he was a constant menace to the Sunderland defence. His desire and stamina also allow him to chase back and join up with the midfield when required.Alexis has played in the role before. At Udinese, he alternated between the right flank and a central playmaking role. After this man-of-the-match display at Sunderland, he’s likely to be granted more time in the middle.

The truth is, wherever Alexis plays he remains a threat. His desire is quite incredible. It’s rare to see a player so gifted and yet so prepared to graft.

His fusion of guts and guile is reminiscent of Luis Suarez, another South American who became a sensation in the Premier League. Fortunately for Arsenal and Alexis, he doesn’t seem to share the same temper that marred Suarez’s time in English football.

In Alexis, Arsenal have a true star. They just need to make sure he doesn’t burn out under the burden. And if he is to be burden under the pressure then it is only fair that Arsenal be renamed into Alexis Sanchez FC because it is a one man show.

I swear I would have taken about ten pages to tear down this team but I have friends who requested I go slow but next time I wont be so nice.







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