scripture from the heart

Another night staring at the view

A view that reminds me of you

U’ve got something that keeps me going on

On is what you turn me, right into the zone

A zone which is a little world of our own                            

Own world where I let you in where no one else goes.


Thoughts of you run my mind

My mind can’t seem to get enough

Enough I often say to my brain

Seems my brain is possessed

Possessed of the thought of your touch

The thought of your single touch reminds me of how

How I wish you were here

Here to hold

Hold on to me and never let go

Never let go we will dance will kiss like there’s no tomorrow

Tomorrow we will dance to our own rhythm of love

Love how I feel inside

Inside my heart is where I want you to stay

Stay with me, promise you won’t stray

by breeh


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