It is completely safe for me to say that Cristiano Ronaldo is the best football player of this generation and possibly the ones that might come after him. Do not get me wrong he is much better as compared to Lionel Messi and I don’t mean small gaps, nope…I mean like way word huge leap between man and monkey difference. Maybe it is because I am a faithful Red Devil fan and Real Madrid fan but that is not the case.

Do not misquote this blog or try to assume that this is a Messi vs. Cristiano post. This in fact is a forum where I will praise Cristiano and take little in fact less or no time at all to prove Messi’s worth.

Where to begin ……hmmmmmmmmmm why not start with the recent season and the amazing form Cristiano is in. I agree with Ancelotti says that this season Cristiano dwarfs Messi in this rounds Ballon D’Or race. Real Madrid’s boss doesn’t believe that the coveted prize is even up for contention on who should take it home and strongly believes that his ruthless assassin has it in the bag. Speaking after Ronaldo scored an incredible third hat trick in four games, Ancelotti appeared doubtless when determining whether Lionel Messi could push his player for the prize, per Eurosport: “This year, I don’t think there is much doubt. I don’t think there’s any point in even talking about it.”

Need I even continue from here… I don’t think so but excuse me for my lust to set doubt in the minds of non-believers is much greater than I expected.

Ancelotti was never going to put Messi up for the award over his own forward, but Ronaldo’s stunning start to the season is exceptional even by his standards. The ladies favorite footballer has so far been impressive as he has scored 22 goals in 16 appearances so far of which it is 17 goals in 9 La Liga appearances whereas his nemesis is rather below the belt for a decorated footballer as he has only managed 9 goals in 13 appearances of which it is 7 goals in 10 La Liga appearances.

Disappointed, right?

Don’t be quick for I haven’t even started going personal on this matter but please so that you feel safe you should understand that I don’t doubt for one second that Messi is a great player but the guy is overhyped even for FIFA games.

In fact I would say when shove comes to push I would admit that Messi is more of a team player while Cristiano is much more of a go getter as the assists tally greatly favour the Argentinean born national. Both players have shrugged off major injury concerns to post some of their best performances in recent times. Ronaldo finished last season with a worrying tendinosis problem in his left knee and struggled through the World Cup as a result. He has suffered ankle and back niggles in recent times, but he appears to have shrugged concerns off to get Madrid firing.

Likewise, Messi entered 2014 with serious pain in his hamstring. He rarely hit top form upon his immediate return, but he utilised the World Cup and pre-season to get back into shape. The 27-year-old has been key to Luis Enrique’s new-look Barca side in the early weeks of transition, in which he looks hungrier to receive the ball and more confident progressing up the pitch than he did at the start of the year. Ronaldo poses great threat to Messi’s 2011-12 record of 50 La Liga goals in a single season. It’s ridiculous that, just two years after this was set, the number could extend itself once more. Madrid’s star currently averages 2.167 goals per game and would reach the 80-goal mark if he maintained this form throughout the entire campaign, per Eurosport. While this is highly unlikely—Ronaldo would need to remain fully fit and at the top of his powers to reach this—he is capable of racking up more than 50 goals. Let’s not forget, Los Blancos have already faced quality teams, including Villarreal and Athletic Bilbao, with Ronaldo scoring four out of seven accumulated against them.

Most sides don’t match up to the quality on offer from the aforementioned opponents (despite Athletic’s poor start), so plenty more braces and triples are likely to follow. Fixtures against Levante and Granada sandwich El Clasico next for Madrid, providing Ronaldo with the perfect opportunity to further outline his Ballon d’Or credentials with significant goals in the title race.

Alfredo Relano of AS describes a player who can score “with both legs, his head, from distance, from close range. And with penalties and free kicks.” He calls Ronaldo’s numbers “from another era,” recalling the days when a supremely fit and able talent was able to bypass the threat of rivals who weren’t in optimum shape.

At times, both Ronaldo and Messi have the ability to make world-class opposition appear unworthy of sharing the same turf.But I would love to report take for instance Victor Wanyama from southampton, if he faces Barcelona he wont tremble not in the lightest but if he goes against Real Madrid don’t u think the very pitch all 22 men shall lay their feet will quake upon Ronaldos fine grace.

Both players are judged on a completely different scale to the majority of football stars. Messi was said to be widely off his game after netting 28 La Liga goals in 31 appearances last season, as approximately one goal per game just isn’t enough. Ronaldo is firmly demolishing such fears right now, but he’ll likely be deemed “out of form” if he fails to net in two consecutive matches, such is the unfair demand.

Even so, he remains the outstanding candidate for this year’s Ballon d’Or. Messi will surely make up some marks for leading Argentina to the World Cup final and landing the tournament’s Golden Ball, but judging across the breadth of the calendar year so far, the 2014 Ballon d’Or is destined to remain in the Spanish capital.

Real Madrid legend Emilio Butragueno has praised Cristiano Ronaldo‘s humble attitude after the Portuguese star’s latest hat-trick. Butragueno, who scored 123 league goals for Real Madrid himself, called Ronaldo’s latest performance “amazing.”He told AS, as translated by Football Espana: “We’re tired of being surprised by him. He’s amazing. He’s scored three goals but could have had six. Ronaldo is a world star but behaves like a rookie with his professionalism and dedication. He’s an example.” It was the 22nd Liga hat-trick of Ronaldo’s career, which equals the league’s record.

Now on a more personal terms.

Messi has just proven his good in only one club and we don’t know if he will crack under pressure if he is brought to the toughest league in the world unlike Cristiano who has now played for three different clubs and made fruit from opportunities handed to him. Messi plays in a central position more involved in attacking yet Ronaldo who plays as a winger scores more goals by far. Then again Messi has been in La Liga for as long as I can remember but Ronaldo has been there since 2010 and has broken a lot of records and it is like he hasn’t even started breaking them…so please you be the judge is he or is he not the….








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