Women are and will remain huge enigmas to men and the world, as we know it.

But it is true that women are quite very hard creatures to decipher. Some of them are creatures of the night (commercial sex workers you would say) while others are serpents who slither into lives and ruin them with just a simple bite, others are quite the angels who not any Tom, Dick nor Harry deserves.

What do I mean?

Women differ in character from the toilet cleaner to the widow in ‘mashambani’ but no matter who the woman is or the kind of person they are in this world is they all need one thing. Only a few women will agree with what I’m about to say and I have nothing against all the rest but if you’re mentally intact then you will certainly agree that I am right.

Oh, mind my manners: I am ranting and raving and I haven’t even stated what I think is crucial for any woman. I even bet there are some of my dear readers who have scanned the whole document all in such for that what they believe is their ticket to salvation. All a woman need is some sweet loving.

Yes, that is the big thing that would make any woman tick.

First, you need to understand that sweet love might come from any direction and not necessarily the spouse. It can be from a family member or a fellow girlfriend or even possibly a pet, it doesn’t really matter where it comes from but as long as it is there any woman will be willing to fight to worlds end to protect that thing so if a woman leave your sorry ass just know for one there was a 90% chance you were no sweet lover.

You see let me go deeper into this new prolific finding. If any dude can master this one true trait then there would be no chic hard to conquer especially if u have an extra fling trait I like to call the verbal architecture.

Ask yourself why would a woman with a person who has the full body package and is as rich as fuck with all exquisite hardworking traits still cheat on his man with people who are even low in comparison to her dude’s status quo. Why would you find that a woman who has gone through a lot with her husband even being cheated on will, after one apology, still stay and love the husband just as if nothing happened. Why would a low life looking guy be having the head cheer leader as his girlfriend and apparently she can’t cheat.

Sweet love is the only answer.

Sweet love is not a make shift stupid thing that you make her believe …hell no it is actually how you treat your woman. Loving her to the point where she craves you. Sweet love entails listening to her as she endlessly continues about herself and you never get bored, sweet love is about putting her on most occasions top of your list i.e. when she brings her problems to you the problems will be given possible solutions at once, sweet love is about you making her feel very special whenever she is around you and once you do this and so much more you definitely will be having any girl wanting your attention.

Therefore, the next time you think of getting a girl you want yet you can’t get and you don’t have moves then pull a sweet love move, and all will be well.


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