To be or not to be, that is the question and not whether not to be or to be.

Please let me re-word this in a way that is comprehendible to many of you. There is a difference between facts and theorems.


What must have set baba mboga to spit words with such pure malice if you must say? Well if you must know, I am constantly surrounded by people who constantly depend upon assumption in a world that is constantly evolving 80% on facts and that is just how it is. Moreover, it is very hurtful when the greatest offenders of how the norm should be are your parents more or less family but I bet the point is already passed.

First in my defense, this post should not in any way be taken in a way that I am depicted as someone who hates his parents…noooooooooo! That is not in the case on the contrary I’m a man who loves his family more than expected but that is a post for another day.

Take into consideration the analogy below:

Why would anyone go to seek the specialties of a lawyer or an advocate when that very person is already sure of the predicament of his situation, the procedure he should use to settle his problem, whatever outcome befalls them and the future that awaits them after their predicament? If you knew this all along then why waste a lawyer’s time?


There is nothing as annoying as someone who believes they are like some omniscient i.e. demi-god who knows everything. If this is true then that kind is basically father-time( from recent findings it is safe to time is the only true measure of everything in the world). Then just to spice things up these people when same methods are applied on them i.e. assumptions they are very quick to defend themselves like cornered dogs better yet beasts on their own convictions.


Then to make this evil habit worse is the fact that these people are bent on thinking of the worst especially on the extreme like if it is bad then it must be worst and if it is worst then definitely it will be worstest(excuse my nikki minaj English but what has to be said has to be said). If I had a gun that was meant for assumers only then my death toll would be already close to a couple of hundreds possibly even thousands. In fact if it was all weapons go then I would nuke all this suckers.


If you are among these people please I would gladly wear rags and beg in front of the Forbes elites such as Bill Gates so that they could fund the turnover that would make mars a habitable place for human life then we would deport all your asses with a lifetime supply of food and entertainment; for this world might as well be a better place without you people.


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