Today I just thought about giving the world a glimpse of what I presume to be the girls who made my love life a somewhat spectacular journey to the apogee or centre of the earth.


In the beginning, there was Nelly,

1st love, gave her my heart,

Broke it into pieces,


I came to be.


Grace twiddled by,

Island of solace,

Gave her a pin-pop,

But I could do better,

Bye Bye I said.


Sinister Mary,

Not my ideal half, called it quits,

But she checked mate,

It wasn’t my problem.


Boom! Boom! Boom! Nancy,

Les went straight,

Now, she rocked my world,

Introduced me to Mr. Bad boy,

Now you know I’m BAD!,

Well student became better,

So I scrammed fast,

Fast towards the hills.


Then came sister Jacky,

My redemption,

Haha, so whacky,

Too holy for a brother,

So I hit zero on that meter.


Looked around, got Micky,

Too good to be true,

Hesitated a bit,

He came in,

They fled,

Square one again.


Studies brought upon Christine,

A book – worm,

Made my life both unbearable and remember-able,

Made books a worth – while,

Anyway, education ain’t everything,

Rumors ruined everything.


Sexy Susan popped up,

Hot hotty hot hot,

Taught me 50% of what I know,

I rocked her world,

I know I did,

Life is too short,

So I had to bounce.


Lord have mercy, Elsie,

Didn’t we have fun?

What the hell,

She asked for more,

Poor me,

A pauper I was,

I Had to go.


Ooooooooooh Mariaaaaaaaaaah,

You got to see her,

Wouldn’t mind doing that again,

Hope she brought,

A future I saw,

Death played its part,

Ting! Ling!

Another broken dream,

Shuttered glass.


Hell no! Priscillah,

Damsel in distress,

Too much time,

All on infatuations and fighting,

Lust wasn’t far,

No love lost,

Definitely no love found.


Black beauty, Melissa,

Victim of flare,

Lived on the edge,

Strided the gates of my heart,

Almost lost my mind,

Who said a player doesn’t lose track.


3 in the morning, Wendy,

She knew I wanted it,

So she came over my place,

And damn,

She put a smile on my face,

Why did I make it a one night stand?


Took the ball, juggled for a while,

Gave it to a Sarah,

Didn’t know she was spoken for,

My bad,

I broke 2 hearts.


Time flew by,

I hit rock bottom,

Lisa an angel,

She blushed a couple of times,

Took it slow this time,

She chose better roads.


My oh my, Mariah,

For I broke commitments,

Break-ups were made,

Marriage and perfect future she saw,

Oh no! She was a BITCH!

Don’t get me wrong,

Beautiful Individual That Caused Hard-ons,

Hehehe couldn’t live with a prostitute.


Then came the little, birdie,

Emily, or Emm as I liked to say,

Twinkle nose makes it better,

Friendship morphed, the best part of me was always her,

Chemistry, by every word,

Nigga ain’t perfect,

Man is to err; forgive divine,


But naah spoke too soon,

Tonight I’m getting over you.


When all hope was lost,

Pap Val,

Valerie Villa Rosa,

No matter how many times I say it,

The name always sounds sweet,

Passion with every turn and every day,

Wounds heal,

And I forget,

I don’t know how long it lasts,

But alas I thank God I met her.




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