After only 14 months of dating, Amber Rose has filed a divorce from rapper Wiz Khalifa.We all thought this was the crème del crème relationship, guess not!!! Amber wasn’t afraid to use social media to attack her now ex-husband(only seeing fit cause there is no turning back for this relationship) Wiz Khalifa.


She went on her twitter to claim she’d been faithful to Wiz and he cheated on her but didn’t mention with whom.


It didn’t take long for Wiz to respond to Amber’s allegations. He said that she’s a hoe for trying to use social media to spoil his reputation… I have a feeling this Twitter beef isn’t coming to an end soon.


Well my take on this Amber-Wiz feud is that we ain’t being let on to the real story. Take a look at this from my perspective…Nick Cannon gets a divorce from Mariah Carey…he starts managing Amber…Amber gets a divorce from Wiz and THEY BOTH SINGLE. . sips tea I’m not starting any speculations but it’s quite evident… Anyhow that’s none of my business.


All in all I wish Amber the best.


Let’s wait and see who gets custody of their son.


Poor kid.


And I’m done…





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