Night of Champions is the only pay per view that allows an opportunity for all championships to be defended thus giving good opportunities for redefining paths that the titles can follow. So let us begin on my predictions.


The United States champion is quite a prestigious belt and since it fell in the lap of Dean Ambrose it hasn’t been defended much and even in the waist of the Celtic warrior Sheamus it hasn’t been defended much. To win the title would be a good swing towards the career of the King of swing Cesaro who has lost his way since wrestlemania.

Both superstars will put a good show but I expect the title to go in the way of Sheamus unless Cesaro pulls a quick one on him.


The USOs have quite remarkably turned out to be one of the best tag team duos in the company’s history as they have been dubbed fighting champions taking on any challenge head on. With every match they have pulled outstanding feats and incredible moves that have put the fans behind them. They have undoubtedly rejuvenated and reverberated the tag team world since their appearance.

Gold dust and Star dust have also been well hyped since their debut and have been quite successful winning some of their matches superbly especially after the reborn of Cody Rhodes. Though the two did take it too personal when they attacked The USOs making them the protagonists of the match but I believe that’s what exactly the Tag Team Championship needed a feud.

This might be a close match to call but I will give the win to the bizarre duo of RHODES brothers to pull a shocker on the wwe universe but would this be best for business?


There is no way on heaven, hell, earth or even utopia that CENA is going to walk out of NOC as the world heavyweight champion. I am a big Cena fan but it will be very down played that after renegotiating the beast’s contract for more appearances and then portraying him as the ultimate Beast Incarnate that he is to lose the title one month after winning. In fact I expect the beast to hold the title until the next wrestlemania which he may lose it to Roman Reigns.

Yes Cena has of late been in touch with his brute and demonic side and even we were shocked when he handed Lesnar a beating in last week’s Monday Night Raw making him bleed and though it will be scar-ful for the career of the leader of the C-nation to lose twice to Lesnar I still don’t see him win. And even if he miraculously wins there is plan c where Rollins will cash in the money in the bank to a brutalised Cena who will be thoroughly beaten by an angered beast who just lost the title.

To be sincere this match has turned out to be really catching the attention of the universe and as a fan I expect a long match where brutality will be at both ends.



The Miz has quite managed to portray his villainous Hollywood act until now and he has quite managed to entertain the fans with different theatric acts every now and then such as the stunt double in the ring.

This match will swing towards the way of the show-off Ziggler to keep the coveted title on his waist because as far as scripting goes and what’s best for business Ziggler is the best option for various reasons such as his in-ring ability which can be counted on. Then it will be much easier for the company to build a story around the Intercontinental champion with Ziggler as champion for example with a feud against Bad News Barret since the champion has been in the best shape and form in this year.

The Miz should just go back to Hollywood cause the universe isn’t a place for him unless the company is also planning to return John Morrison back in the scene.



This feud has not been created to suit a boiling point and in fact this feud is more entertaining than personal for there is no solid ground of a feuding point. Randy Orton has lost discoverably twice to Roman Reigns where as Chris Jericho has also lost twice to Bray Wayatt.

Though it would be good to hand Chris Jericho the win as a gift for helping out by bringing in fans as he goes on for tour I see fit that Randy Orton wins since he works his ass off on every show with so many different wrestlers in very many different scenarios both psychologically and mentally thus he is the sure winner of this match to boost his confidence and return his relevance to the universe. Anyway Jerichoholics should know that the rock-star will be on tour with his band after NOC.


First I must clear all uncertainity from your minds if you think for one second that Nikki Bella will win that title which she does not at all deserve. If she appears to be winning I expect Bree to appear and cut slim her chances of taking that prized possession though I tend to wonder how sweet it will be to have feuding sisters going after the title.

Back to important matters.

The feud between Paige and AJ Lee has for the past one month taken sweet psychological turns from both stars but I expect the Norwich Born youngster Paige to win as both divas compete for supremacy to be the top Diva. Since Paige won the title it is only best if she kept the title for another long run making it easier to create better feuds and also because it’s only logical since she is a better ring competitor and then she is the best face of the Diva’s Title the company could ask for at this point in time.

I would suggest that AJ Lee returns to total Divas and only return after being completely missed.




Rusev has turned out to be better for business than ever expected especially with his pure brutality and native nature making him like some brute lap dog under the control of Lorna. Mark Henry has been enjoying some good TV time after re-inventing himself so this we expect to be a very very sweet match and if it ends fast I shall cry in pain.

I am vouching for Mark Henry to win but not in this pay per view yet but rather in Hell in a Cell pay per view which will very match reflect on the truth of the statement Hall Of Pain. Possibly Rusev should win this match by pinfall in a cheating way since it would be unrealistic if he won it by submission then afterwards the company will be able to bring the feud tremendously well leading to the end of his undefeated streak and feud with America because once he is defeated there will be no more milking of the Rusev Udria Mashga cow.

Rusev will win.


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