Putting the WWE world heavyweight championship on John Cena would be a rather terrible idea or in better terms is bad for business.

Please let me try to convince you in the best way possible.

First of all its too monotonous since John Cena has been at the top for soooo long…(Facts stated below are derived from The 37 year old has participated in 978 matches since 2009 in which he single handedly took part in 202 matches in 2011 only. Over his career in the franchise he has won 15 titles making him second to only the nature boy Ric flair who only supersedes him with just a single title. So I wouldn’t be lieing if I say that he is at the top of the food chain and now that his reign at the top is being cut down by Brock Lesnar it might be very decent that he beats him because he is still young and he needs to defend what he has already built.

WWE has undoubtedly depended on him more than we can realize. If we go back and check at the statistics John Cena needs the longest vacation that he can ever get.


Oh I was hoping you would ask.

Cena has been headlining since 2006 in which he has main evented nearly all wrestlemanias since 2002 (probably just two 2008 & 2009) and then this year because he has been dealing with quite some issues. Only one year in eight years he hasn’t won the title. Over his career he has had quite a couple of surgeries i.e. repair to a torn pectoral muscle, herniated disk in his neck, torn triceps and removal of bone chips from his arm. Yes the man is only human but it is hard to believe.

And after the match at summer slam the leader of the C-Nation is reportedly struggling with shoulder and neck issues. But it is easy to understand why the franchise have held on to the super star is because there has been no real cut heir to his throne unlike over the years when centre pieces (who had shorter runs than Cena) already had people climbing their way to the top. Centre-pieces climbed to the top late, faced serious problems, had uprising superstars who shove them over (Bruno Sammartino & Hulk Hogan), injuries (Austin) and Hollywood (The Rock).

It will be very bad to put the title back on Cena then within his title reign his injuries get to him. My opinion is let Cena have a very very long holiday. Let the fans miss him and crave him just like how fans crave the return of CM PUNK which is very unfortunate that he won’t come back due to injuries.

More so letting Brock Lesnar have the title with his unavailable schedule is actually pretty good letting the beast incarnate be the beast incarnate and cut through any super star who challenges him.

This is just my thought nothing more.


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