Xbox One Vs PS 4: Which is the right choice?

Which is the better console between Xbox one and PS 4? This is the question that so many gamers would love to know. So rather than just give speculations and game play I thought I would rather collect data and info about it from different sources so as to help any future gamers in what to buy between Sony’s Play station 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox one.
Here we go.
It is clear for over the years that the PS 4 is the people’s favorite between the consoles due to a few specifications and not actually performance as most Kenyan gamers would say is that I prefer PS4 because of the gaming pad – what a rip off right?
First of all Xbox is more expensive but PS 4 software interface is reportedly easier to use thus by far it is the more user friendly console but then Xbox is bigger thus more air circulates ensuring that it does not overheat so easily under strain for prolonged periods. This is actually a feature that was also in the previous version of the console. Xbox then has Kinect which gives motion gaming where one can swipe in the air to choose gaming options hence making it fancier. It has a stronger sensor. HDMI option is also available on the Xbox one which is actually 180 cut short giving it the option for split screen gaming.
PS 4 is much smaller for people with smaller cocooned up rooms or would want to carry it around easily. PS 4 incorporates its own power supply while the Xbox one has a separate power brick thus makes it less comfortable for the mobility option. PS 4 is a more powerful console with a more powerful GPU(Graphics Processing Unit) like about 50% more powerful than the one on the Xbox one (isn’t that something very shocking cause the Xbox is more expensive). The controller of the PS 4 is smaller thus easier to reinvent yourself during combos etc.
Both consoles present the black masculine style though the Xbox has more customized options where the casing and pads can be pimped like in PIMP MY RIDE. Xbox one is about 3.1kg whereas PS 4 is 2.8kg yet they have the same components but I think the extra weight come from aiding cooling agents found in the Xbox. Both consoles use extremely similar CPUs (Central Processing Unit) made by AMD. Both also use an APU setup which links together both the CPU and GPU into one package.
To be sincere Xbox one and PS 4 are around 8 – 10 times as powerful as their predecessors. Xbox one uses the Radeon 7790 with a processor of 1.75ghz and a GPU of 768 shader processor where as the PS 4 uses the Radeon 7870 with a processor of 1.6ghz and a GPU of 1152 shader processor but do not be fooled in the consoles case, the GPU is much more important.
If we were to compare the two to computers or laptops, Xbox one will equate to a Radeon HD 7000 – series 8GB DDR 3 RAM 32MB esRAM while PS 4 will equate to a Radeon HD 7000 – series 8GB GDDR5 RAM. Both use AMD GPUs. RAM offers higher bandwidth though the esRAM helps bridge the bandwidth gap as it functions as a frame buffer. PS 4 has categorically better graphics hardware than Xbox one but does it translate to better graphics in games, in quite a few cases it does. It is not necessarily a case of missing effects but possibly the occurrence of less complicated shadows and other such obvious cut backs but output resolution but there is no gigantic difference between the two. Xbox has better apps and app providers hence suits the functionality of being your number one source of entertainment. Xbox even has the option of going to sleep and pausing a game and instantly returns to where the gamer left off.
Now let us tackle at the sweet guns that help you control the bad ass motherfks (I mean the consoles), the gaming pads. Xbox one pad has two main changes; rumble motors built into the triggers to give user feedback e.g. during shooting guns. The mushy D pad has been switched into a clickier and responsive controller like a wide mouse thus it will work wonders on fighting games such as Sleeping Dogs.
The dual shock 4 changes are more marked. It’s a bit chunkier than the previous dual shock controllers and a lot heavier too, giving a firmer feel than the last generation dual shock 3 pads. It has shorter improved analog sticks thus improving game play in first person shooter games. It also has a share button for uploading game play videos easier. Then it also has a touch pad between the sticks and main buttons but on the front.
Now we all wait for my verdict which of the two consoles would I buy. If I was into so much high performance precise detail gaming I would go for the PS 4 immediately but if I was to be assured for about 6 or 7 years of continuous top most gaming without feeling screwed because there has been a newer version of the console out three years ago I would go for Xbox. What do I mean? Sony apparently have very itchy hands because they can’t even wait for a gamer to get at least four years of gaming with their console instead as soon they finish one console they announce the ideas for a new one. For example compare the PS 3 and Xbox 360; the Xbox 360 has been there for as long as PS 2 and still could play the games PS3 played and even with better exclusive features than them. Another reason Sony has already made four consoles throughout retrograde gaming whereas Microsoft just have two consoles where their first console has withstood three generations of the Sony console. More over some games may not be multi-platform but usually PS 4 is going to be at an expected loss. Unfortunately I would take PC( personal computer be it gaming computer, laptop or desktop) because for PC u only need to upgrade the parts of the PC rather than buy a new model which is quite similar to what Xbox has to offer. So in order of suitability for me it would be PC then Xbox and finally PS.

This is only baba mboga’s way of seeing it.

P.S Sony have also announced the launch of the ‘project Morpheus’ which is an oculus rift style gaming headset that offers a virtual reality – like gaming experience. It won’t probably be out in 2014.



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