When Louis Van Gaal(From here on will be referred to as LVG) said he will be going to Manchester United the football scene buzzed more than the world cup itself especially as fans went all crazy. And it was only fair because after the wonderful performance at the world cup we all expected a show off LVG power. I’m so sure that his entrance into the most difficult football league in the world caused nightmares in Wenger’s bed and led to the depreciating sex life of arsenal fans.

Then the Transfer period kicked in and LVG most definitely hyped himself more than even expected after announcements of how he was going to turn the red devils into THE RED DEVILS or is it THE red devils. With announcement of how he only needed a couple of players and the rest could all spark more and more surprising than ever but what could we loyal fans say…its LVG people, let him do his thing.

During this transfer period some of the hugest changes got done such as the expected attention James Rodriguez got after the spectacular performance in the world cup. LVG took to himself to buying defenders, defensive midfielders, strikers and potential wingers as he also let some people go. The coming of great players such as Luke Shaw, Rojo, Herrera and recently Di Maria made even my intestines twist and turn with riverbed energy of a stable backline but we both know karma be one tough BITCH.

Just to be assured God decided to put some friendlies our way and with every match Manchester United fans got crazier and more excited as we even beat a purposed strong Real Madrid side for the first time in football history ever …oh boy these weren’t the only records he was going to break. SMH

Louis Van Gaal check, strong backline check, no mediocre midfield check, blood hungry strikers check, buzzing Kenyan fans check, cold long beer check and let the EPL begin….ta tatatat tatatata tatata teren…prrrrrrrhhhhhh…….Jaw drops squarely to the ground as red devils were humiliated to a 2-1 defeat by Swansea City and there at that moment I just saw shades of David Moyes but we stick it out and wait for the second game….WAPI!!!…then we decided maybe the game against MKD would cheer us up. HELL NO!!! I was so frustrated to the point of being ashamed as we embarrassingly lost 4-0 to a division three team. You must be kidding not division 2 not even KPL (this match would probably be for charity especially if we win) team a whole division three named after food .WOLOLO ama Louis Van Gaal ni Louis Van GIRL!

LVG after the Swansea game he said,”…But also with other players it’s also a question of if they can reach the level. And today we don’t reach that level and then you cannot play as a team so easily.” This is such a shitty statement what the hell do we expect from LVG but making red devils into RED DEVILS. Then the supposed savior continues to say,”…Because we are playing with a big space behind us. That’s always difficult to defend.” Aren’t these the things this guy was bought to fix yet he still decides to field youngsters such as Tyler Blackett in a 3-5-2 formation as if this is an experiment or he thinks this is easy football.

On the subject of showing players the old Trafford exit door: “I don’t think it’s only up to me, it’s up to the players decide because we have given them problems. I shall tell the players what I think and what I want from them but I shall never say they have to go.”

Yes currently the backline is shitty as our key defenders are lost to injury i.e. Rafael, Luke Shaw and Chris Smalling but then LVG also still opts to choose Cleverly who is a continuous disappointed to the football world existing in Red Devil heads. LVG on my verdict unlike the likes of the great Fergie or completely useless Moyes he does not deserve an excuse after sending Spain into a spainful 5-1 throttle in the world cup. So now that we have an Angel in the team it’s only good that I’m looking on up. I also believe this is the kind of blow Louis Van GIRL needed so that he could get of his high horse and face the reality that is EPL so till next time we are not impressed until I see more than 5 goals in one match by one player, both Arsenal and our noisy neighbors are humiliated both home and away and finally after we have qualified and won every cup out there for top tier Barclays Premier League teams. Said like a true supporter of the red red and totally red.


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