em.......2Today after spending time with my newly discovered creator of the baba_mboga special heartbeat aka my girlfriend we enjoyed a mushy cuddling private time where we played this game I just invented to make conversation called question question. As the name says we asked each others qs and we did find interesting things about each other but then came the question just as she bordered the jav…why do you like me?? For many boys this would be the OMG que where we hysterically find a way to evade the love storm that is about to unravel. Yes the one person chuchu train to Loveland. Unlike many boys, that question hit the marker where I had to get real and think hard and I discovered a whole load of shit that I wasn’t supposed to discover.
Why do I like Val ‘Vila’ Rosa? Because she sets my soul on fire and it’s not just a spark but it’s a big roaring flame. I can feel it now roaring, burning…. (Vintage Tom n Jerry).
Why do I like Val ‘Vila’ Rosa? Because it is only fit that man leaves his family and joins with woman to make family and they become one… (Thank You Bible).
Why do I like Val ‘Vila’ Rosa? Because there is an unexplainable chemistry that exists whenever I supposedly enter a room that you are in.
Why do I like Val ‘Vila’ Rosa? Because you have this cute seductive eyes that can make a grown man change allegiance from tusker to Guinness.
Why do I like Val ‘Vila’ Rosa? Because you’re so adorable I personally believe you should have acted the cat in the legendary animation movie Puss N Boots.
Why do I like Val ‘Vila’ Rosa? Because we only live once and some chances don’t walk into the house like that day you took slick’s place by the storm.
Why do I like Val ‘Vila’ Rosa? Because kissing you is sweeter than ice-cream on a honeycomb.
Why do I like Val ‘Vila ‘Rosa? Because when you bite your lower lip I hear Michael Jackson gyrating in my ear to the classic “Baby don’t stop uuuh don’t stop till you get enough” which soon becomes “Dirty Diana”.
Why do I like Val ‘Vila’ Rosa? Because you confuse me on a normal basis as compared to the formidable institution called high school.
Why do I like Val ‘Vila’ Rosa? Finally because I just can’t say noooooo!!!!! Who would?

Trust me the list is endless but you see when you tell your woman you will write a blog post about her and she gives you the look like “you just flattering me” well you put your fingers to the task and blog away.
Note to all my faithful readers some chemistry is worth attending class and trans-nighting just to pass the next paper. I’m sure this is so familiar to most of you people when you meet someone who makes you feel rich yet your ass be broke u think your piggy bank is going to dump your ass. Those people you enter a room together you flirt so much Romeo and Juliet feel like they be taking notes from you in their graves. Yes that person you’re thinking about right now that u just want to dance like some Zulu native. The decisive blow is that when you think about that person you just smile like some love doctor.


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