The Nikki Iggy Feud.

As recent activity in the hip hop realm circulating female rappers, tongues are wagging on an ongoing beef between 31 year old Caribbean born rapper Nikki Minaj and 24 year old Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. The beef was purposely sparked off by the current queen of hip hop herself Nikki during her acceptance speech at BET AWARDS.
Iggy feels that people should just let it go and stop adding the right ingredients to fuel a catastrophic beef between two talented women. Personally I feel that the hip hop world needs a new beef between the two top hot sexy mammas that will add more salt to the already flooding hip hop world.
It was very evident that Nikki was clearly showing “shade” (as she put it in BET AWARDS) – disrespect to Iggy possibly due to the purposed competition coming from the FANCY singer.
Both artists have tried to clear the air with activities on twitter for example Nikki wrote that she congratulates her for the release of Fancy and she further hopes to inspire upcoming female writers and singers. This is quite ironical since Nikki is alleged blamed for criticizing Iggy for using ghost writers.
During the coveted BET AWARDS earlier in the year Nikki said the following as she was accepting the female hip hop artist of the year: “…when you hear Nikki spit, Nikki wrote it.” Surely can it get clearer than this that Nikki is scared that her throne is being slowly breached by the new BITCH (Beautiful Individual That Causes Hard-ons) in town.
This is clearly shadows of the beef between Kim & Nikki way back. And apparently Nikki did not learn that the only reason she won that beef is because she kept quiet and let Kim fight it off with the media and her then husband Drake.
Iggy is clearly playing it cool and showing respect as she said that if she had won BET it would be great but it wasn’t her year so she doesn’t mind. She even acts cooler by saying she is unbothered and tired of people trying to make her have wars which seems to be a ritual for every female hip hop artist to grace the playing field.
Iggy’s boyfriend though says that Nikki is jealous and he does not believe Nikki’s claim to denounce her words. The boyfriend continues by saying that Iggy is also playing it cool though after the awards she came home to numerous distress calls from haters who were mad about the fact of ghost writing.
It is also a disgrace hearing that Nikki Minaj’s new album ANACONDA is a pure line by line diss from song to song to our always charming Iggy Azalea. My verdict: I will settle with TI on this one and says…we don’t want no mediocre.
Information on this post has been collected from CNN and various other sources.


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