Since some point this year I have so badly wanted to create a blog and I never thought it through and as I make my first post I feel as relieved as a woman bringing forth to the world triplets. The feeling of anxiety and pain that overwhelms her body with every push she makes cannot be necessarily compared to how I feel with every written word but not to use those exact same words wouldn’t be justice to the analogy itself. But to put all these in better terms it would be fit to say that in a stream of flowing thoughts and overwhelming feelings on very many different things, topics and subjects divided with the constantly growing number of writers in Kenya, a man is surely tempted by the sweet attraction literature poses and it is only fit that he feels obliged to share with the world the innermost juicy flesh of his thoughts. If such a man is or was to be given a feather, some ink and a parchment of paper then it would be supposedly comparable to giving an infant his pacifier which is a heavy responsibility inflicted on oneself to seduce completely with words, sentences, paragraphs and documents; through these process some of the most philosophical people the world has ever known: William Shakespeare, Chinua Achebe, Mahatma Gandhi…just to name a few. So whichever way I can, I shall< write to my fill, be it an article from an artistic newspaper or a blog post from the purest kind of genuinely called baba_mboga spark.

Apparently literature has quite lost its fling with upcoming generations but according to baba_mboga aka BM aka Big Daddy it is just another of those prudent misconceptions and lies. Literature is an art that has quite frankly manifested itself in our lives with continuous evolution and when it was pushed to the wall it adapted… (Either adapt or perish that is evolution they say)…to cater for those who still see fit. Literature is found in smooth sounds of music and beautiful masterpieces named sculptures and paintings but due to elegance, I and so many others join in for their favorite bit of literature i.e. the classical feather, quill and parchment.

And due to writings that proceed after this I will be judged before the eyes of men and to be judged I must for it’s only a natural faulting process of life but this shall not be rendered in my mind to deter me from exploring thy gift of words. Hopefully in this life where I am a renowned blogger I will write my heart and mind out till it hurts. My way of looking at things might not be soooo usual but it is to be considered as valid and critical. Hope u enjoy as you drink from the fountain that is baba_mboga…muhahahahahaahahahah. So to my faithful readers HELLO WORLD!!!!


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